I.A.M Fellowhip

The birth of the I.A.M Apostolic Fellowship embodies the truth that “transition is often discovery’s dwelling place.” The Apostolic principal and the power of true covenant has united both men and women; both young and old across the country under the banner of both holiness and unity.

The thought “the generations that remain, is the generation of now” embodies and expresses the kingdom mind to unite the generation of our forefathers, the generation which is come, and the generations which are to come into the eternally existent time “NOW”. That expression and intention is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must live and be propagated both to and through generations unborn to time. An eternal reminder of His covenant to fathers, their children, and their children’s children. The Fellowship is convinced that the ability to recognize the hand of God, and timing of God regardless of chronological release, through the exercise of spiritual gifts, episcopal governance, apostolic impartation, and prophetic direction is imperative for the New Testament Church to fully function as the dynamic organism God has intended. It is our intention to fully embrace the reality that the mind and movements of God are independent of the element of time. He remains the same God today, yesterday, and forever more!

The multi-cultural I AM Apostolic Fellowship is structured with an Apostolic Hierarchy. The “Tiers of Leadership” include the Apostolic Council, Sacred College of Apostles and Prophets, College of Episcopates, and senior pastors.

Our Purpose

Ecclesiastical are called to a lifetime ministry of service, Word, sacrament and leadership. It is our belief that “no man is an island” and that strength is found in numbers. Scripture encourages us to allow iron to sharpen Iron. Our leadership brings a combined experience of apostolic training and prophetic insight; years of kingdom experience combined with the strength of Joshua’s generation in order to fully equip pastors and their churches to excel in the kingdom. This fellowship is designed to establish covenant relationships and to meet the spiritual needs of Ecclesiastical and local churches by providing leadership, mentorship, training and empowerment.

apostle seal

What are the advantages of becoming affiliated with IAM?

1. You will be part of a growing ministry with a worldwide presence connected to household names marked by Godly wisdom, character, and integrity.

2.Fellowship among other Pastors is powerful and empowering. The unity of coming together with others and sharing experiences is enlightening and educating. Through our fellowship you develop friendship and a camaraderie that is lasting. Pastors are encouraged and strengthened by the power of unity given through the fellowship by the other Ecclesiastical.

3. As a Apostolic Unit covering, we will provide directives and guidance from an advisory capacity (rather than governmental), which will assist you in many aspects of your ministry’s growth).

4. As an independent church, you will be able to continue to use your present ministry name, and function as before in many ways. Some ministries may decide to incorporate the covenant (such as: The Living Water International Apostolic Ministries; The Fountain of Living Water International Apostolic Ministries).

5. Annual convocation, leadership conference, retreats, and prophetic direction.
The Annual Convocation is the networking of all Pastors and their congregation of the fellowship will meet for worship and praise, Empowerment seminars, training workshops given by educated and renowned word based Ministers of the Gospel.

5. A resource of information, education and direction.

6.I AM will exercise no governmental control over it’s member churches and senior pastors without the express request and permission of that senior pastor. (Except in the instances of I AM planted churches)

7.Our presidium & leadership will share their own experiences as well as provide opportunities for fellowship and growth with others of like precious faith from all parts of the world.

Download: IAM Felloship Packet